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Sound System & PA Hire For Sydney

We have a large selection of audio hire equipment, from simple PA speaker setups for standard events, through to large sound systems for corporate events, dances and festivals. For most parties a basic two speaker setup is all you will need and we'll provide the right connection no matter your audio device. They are very easy to use and it's as simple as plugging in a cable for power and a cable for audio. We will do this for you if you get them delivered, or if you choose to collect them from us our friendly staff will show you what to do. 

Bridge Event Hire also offers comprehensive sound systems through the addition of wireless microphones and mixers for extra flexibility. We have systems suitable for small functions, right up to large events. You can add more speakers to cater for larger audiences and bigger event spaces.

Prefer a wireless solution? We also have wireless speakers available if you wish to use your phone, tablet or laptop but don't want to leave it in one place. Simply connect to the speaker via Bluetooth and away you go.

If you are unsure about which audio option is for you, feel free to call us and we will advise you as to which sound system is best suited to your occasion. Our sound system and PA hire service is available across Sydney, from Parramatta to Ryde to Maroubra, helping people throughout the city throw a memorable event. Combine our systems with our dance floors for a great start to any party! 

speaker stand hireSpeaker Stand


Speaker stands are a good idea whenever you are using an audio system. They allow you to elevate the speakers above the height of the crowd so that the sound disperses throughout the room and you don't lose all the volume by trying to punch sound through people and objects.

speaker hire15 Inch Speaker


This 15 inch speaker has a variety of uses. From acting as main PA for a band, to playing that first song at the reception or a corporate event, this speaker can handle it all. It allows you to connect two audio inputs and independently control the volume on each. If you require more inputs we can provide a mixer, however this is an additional cost. Typically hired as a pair in order to achieve stereo sound and even coverage. Advise us when hiring what equipment you plan to connect so that we can provide the correct cables.

wireless speaker hireWireless Speaker


Our wireless speaker allows you to connect any Bluetooth audio device such as an iPad, and play music without having to plug in a cable. This can be helpful if you want to play music but also use your phone or tablet for other tasks at the same time.

pa hire18 Inch Subwoofer


Q: So when do you need a subwoofer?. A: When you need more bass. Subwoofers help to extend the bottom or 'low' end of the sound range. They can also limit how hard the main speaker has to work to deliver sound output. Subwoofers are a great idea when using larger venues, dealing with large volumes of people and outdoor events where you want to maintain indoor sound.

wireless microphone hireWireless Microphones


Wireless microphones allow you to move about freely, and saves everyone from having to come up to the location of the speaker or mixer that it is plugged into. The wireless microphones can be hired singly or in pairs and are matched to their receiver to reduce interference. 

mixer hire8 Channel Mixer


All our speakers allow the connection of two audio sources. If you require more than this it might be time to add an audio mixer. It allows you to connect up to 8 audio sources and independently adjust the volume of each one. You can also add various effects to the sound output if you so wish. Advise us when hiring what equipment you plan to connect so that we can provide the correct cables.

More Info

Choosing the right speaker hire package can seem difficult for someone that needs an audio solution but has no experience when it comes to hiring a sound system. Our experienced team has ​ aimed to make it as simple as possible on our website, but have also included some more information below.

Powered Speaker: Is a speaker that has an inbuilt amplifier, reducing the amount of cabling used. It can be plugged straight into from a mixer or any device that outputs audio. We offer 15 inch powered speaker hire, this refers to the size of the Low Frequency driver in the bottom half of the cabinet. The top half of the cabinet contains the High Frequency driver making it what's called a two-way cabinet. The two-way cabinet aims to reproduce the entire frequency range of the audio signal it receives.

Subwoofer: Contains a Low Frequency driver only that reproduces the bottom end or bass in an audio track. We offer 18 inch powered subwoofer enclosures that are matched to our 15 inch powered speakers. Subwoofers deal with the low to very low frequencies and take some of the burden off the Low Frequency drivers in the powered speaker allowing them to deliver a cleaner sound. Subwoofers cannot be used alone however as all you would really hear is a bass thump and what sounds like a distant echo. Concerts, school discos, dance parties, big birthday parties and corporate events all benefit from the use of a subwoofer.

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