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All Dance Floors Are Created Equal Right?

January 15, 2017

All dance floors are created equal right?

Wrong! A dance floor makes one of the biggest impacts when you walk into a room and it's important you don't regret your choice. While looking at photos on a website is good for conceptualizing, it can't show you the finer details. Worse yet are photos that appear to show the same floor but aren't, or photos showing a floor that's different to what actually arrives. So what are you really getting. The only way to truly know is by seeing the dance floor in person. I'm not talking about the whole thing, but at least a portion of it. Is the surface Matt or Glossy? Does it sparkle in the light? When the floor goes together will it be almost seamless, or does it have a distinctive seam where the panels join? These will all alter the way the floor will look, and the larger the floor the more noticeable these differences will be.

(On a side note: Timber floors offer a glossier, more sophisticated look and a more solid feel underfoot but are typically more expensive; while a resin floor is cheaper, a great choice for outdoors and can be used to make some great patterns when used in black and white format due to it's smaller tile size).

With dance floors being a must have at every wedding, and white high gloss floors being the common choice, make sure you get the floor you want!

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