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Planning for a Successful Event

October 5, 2016

party planning

‚ÄčPlanning for a Successful Event.

1. Determine your budget. Whether we like it or not, budget is almost always a factor. Include everything that is a "must have" and then you can build from there. Remember not to underestimate and allow some wriggle room.

2. Know your guests. How often do you see or talk to them? Are they friends or acquaintances? While we like to invite everyone we know, we also need to keep our budget in mind. The significance of your event (such as a wedding) may also determine the number of guests that you will invite.

3. Choose your theme. Theming is what makes an event your own You can enlist the services of a party planner, however what has been far more common is DIY. To this end Pinterest has been an immeasurable help, allowing you to create boards full of inspiration from what others have done.

4. Select and confirm the venue. If it's your place great, but if not there are several factors that need considering. 

How far do I need to book the venue in advance and is it suitable for my event and the number of guests that I wish to attend. What about location of the venue, surrounding accomodation, parking and amenities?

5. Securing suppliers. Events don't happen on their own. You may need caterers, party hire companies, florists, wait staff, not to mention friends and family to help you get this done.

Will you be supplying food or drinks when guests arrive? How about lunch, dinner or thank you gifts?

The more items you include in your event can sometimes exponentially increase the amount of work to be done.

6. Plan a schedule. Once your theme, venue and suppliers are decided, you need to think about the schedule.

When will the guests arrive? When will food or drinks be served? Will there be any presentations or speeches? When will the guests depart?

Don't forget to share your schedule with someone else so that you are not the only one keeping track on the day.

7. Confirm before the event. Things can change at the last minute and miscommunication happens more than you think. Be clear about the details when confirming to reduce the risk of any surprises on the day.

On the day let all that hard work come to fruition by enjoying it, because remember you made all this happen.


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