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Uplighting your event

October 11, 2016

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Uplighting your Event.

Uplighting, or even lighting in general is quickly becoming a ‘must-have’ option at most weddings and corporate events. With today’s LED technology, fixtures have become economical and more importantly safer around hundreds of guests. Whilst uplighting is offered by most hire companies, not all offerings are the same.

Uplighting commonly comes in the form of a Par or Bar. led par light hireled bar lighting hire

Which one depends on how you want to use it and where it is placed. Highlighting columns calls for a Par, whereas lighting up a wall is better suited to a Bar. If your venue has outlets conveniently located where your lights are getting installed, then a standard wired light is fine. If not, then the past couple of years has seen battery powered fixtures become more common. While they are more expensive you are not hindered by power cords allowing these lights to be placed in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This is particularly evident with many historic venues having limited power outlets. To help out the hip pocket the extra cost of the wireless fixture is generally offset by a lower labour cost.

Uplights should produce a smooth wide wash. A wide beam angle not only lights up the walls, but also reflects plenty of light into the room. This gives your event a soft and luxurious glow and allows you to greatly dim the house lights. Fixtures with narrow beam widths create a pin stripe look, requiring you to use more fixtures to cover the room and can still leave it looking dark.

These days with LED fixtures you have the ability to create almost any colour you desire. Fixtures that have multiple colours (RGBWA + UV) installed under a single lens offers greater colour reproduction and mixing.

Lighting sets the tone for your event, but remember almost anything you can think of can be accomplished so don’t be shy when talking to your lighting provider about what you want.




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